Welcome to the 2019 Tournament season.  This year, Audubon will be hosting all age groups at their complex.  Due to a scheduling conflict with another tournament that same weekend, there will be no 14U bracket.  All previously registered teams will go straight to the regional tournament starting 6/27 at Upper Merion (opening ceremonies).

The Audubon staff will be sending out tournament details shortly.  It is likely, due to the large number of registered teams, that some games will be scheduled starting Friday night (6/21).  We will try to schedule teams that are local to the Audubon area so that teams coming further away are not inconvenienced.  However, please be flexible in case brackets get impacted.

One thing we are doing a little different this year is we are adding a diamond bracket.  Since this is most likely going to be a double-elimination tournament, we do want to give the ladies an opportunity to play in at least three games, so we are adding a consolation bracket, like they do in the World Series.  The first four teams to be eliminated will play in this additional bracket, with the winner taking home some hardware.  Given that there are 10+ teams in the divisions, it is a great way to get some extra games in, and give the ladies something else to play for.  We will ask for your feedback at the end of the tournament if you feel it was worth doing.

Another point to consider for this year, given that Pennsylvania is once again hosting the regional tournament, we will have extra bids.  That means, the top four teams will advance to regionals this year.  So all you have to do is make the semi-final bracket round and you're on to the next step in the trail.

Good luck this year!